Craft Representatives

Nicola Baldwin

Nicola Baldwin

Co-Chair of the Audio Committee

“I’ve written for most media that tell stories with drama, including short videos, theatre, musicals, audio, television, film. I’ve collaborated, adapted, transcribed, script-doctored, story-lined; been hired, fired, optioned, shortlisted, endured development hell…

Before I was a writer, I was a camera operator; I like audio because the listener ‘sees’ exactly what the writer sees, and because it brings storytelling into people’s everyday lives. I dislike that it’s so hard to get commissioned. My BBC Radio 4 plays include Tony & Rose, Euston to Whitechapel, The Crisis of Wallis Simpson, Camberwell Green. My six-part series, Have Your Cake, is on Audible. For BBC Radio 3, I’ve written Poppy Q, and Seven Scenes. Other work includes five-minute dramas for a museum installation, a one-hour play broadcast live, with improvised musical accompaniment, on Resonance FM, and drama podcasts.

I volunteered for the WGGB to support my union, and the voice of writers.”

Photo: Rabbit Hole Photography