Regional Representatives

afshan d'souza-lodhi

afshan d’souza-lodhi

North West (Manchester and Lancashire)

“I’m a poet, playwright and screenwriter who has been working as a freelancer for over 10 years. I joined the Writers’ Guild before I had an agent and wanted to make sure I has access to a union that could protect me and give me advice. I had no idea how to navigate the industry and struggled to find a network of writers. I have since used many of the resources that the Writers’ Guild has to offer to help guide my working practices, find like-minded writers, and get involved with campaigns.

I am beyond thrilled to be the Regional Chair of Manchester and Lancashire and hope to advocate for the writers in the region, as well as be their point of contact to get them advice and support.

I am always keen to develop and advocate for younger and emerging artists and I sit on the boards of Manchester Literature Festival, Pie Radio and the Royal Exchange Theatre Manchester. And I am also a member of the Manchester City Council Cultural Consortium.”