Quinn Clark

Quinn Clark is an award-winning author, researcher and poet based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Most recently, Quinn wrote a children's colouring book for Ladybird Publishing (to be published later this year), and contributed a chapter on chosen childlessness to Kat Brown and Unbound's book No One Talks About This Stuff. They have also recently been commissioned to write about digital fandom for Buzzfeed UK.

A fan of wacky wordplay and well-done puns, Quinn's work often intertwines humour and wit with themes of trauma, disability and neurodivergence. Their poetry has been commissioned by Tour de Moon, featured at Out of Your Head, and shortlisted for the Terry Kelly Poetry Prize. In addition, Quinn possesses a Master's degree in English Literature from Newcastle University, with their research specialism being in unfiction: a form of storytelling which blurs the boundaries between the real and the fictional. Quinn has written on the subject for ArtWeb (The transcendent art of transmedia storytelling) and holds a passion for the adjacent genres of digital horror, creepypasta, and lost media.

At present, Quinn is funded by Arts Council England with a 'Developing Your Creative Practice' (DYCP) grant. With this funding they are working on their full-length debut novel, Out of Your Depth: a fantastical romp involving a scientist who gains the ability to transform into an octopus. Quinn is also an Access Worker with Arts Council England, supporting disabled and neurodivergent individuals with their arts applications. Likewise, Quinn works as a Personal Assistant for the Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance and CRIPtic Arts, providing bespoke research, writing and editorial support.

North East

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