Andrew Phillips

I'm a British Caribbean writer from London that aspires to break into the film industry and write professionally.

I have always had a passion for writing, but it was only after my creative writing course at Goldsmiths University that I truly realised writing screenplays was the outlet I was looking for to be able to share stories I believe are missing in the market.

I mainly focus on writing dramas and thrillers that tell a story about issues for a modern generation that are not really present in mainstream media, as well as focus on creating compelling characters from underrepresented communities. Particularly focusing on putting BAME characters in roles which do not fit the usual stereotypes.

I'm yet to have any screenplays made but I have been shortlisted for the ITV Original Voices script competition. I continue to try to develop my writing and pursue opportunities so that one day my stories will be on screen.

London (Greater London)

  • Drama short film shortlisted for ITV Original Voices Coronation Street Competition

Film, Television



A quiet suburban residential road - dimly lit.

CJ (16 years old, black) is walking down the street alone - he listens to music through his headphones. His phone buzzes in his pocket - a text from AARON:

[Note: Text messages are in italics]

                                                                AARON (TEXT)

                                         Tyler is coming to my house if you're down?

CJ starts typing. A car suddenly pulls around the corner and slowly drives towards CJ. The headlights blind him. He sees the black tinted windows as the car drives past. CJ continues walking as he types a reply to AARON.

                                                                     CJ (TEXT)

                                Can't, mum wants me straight home after my piano lesson.

CJ walks into an alleyway. He accidentally kicks a glass bottle, a dog suddenly starts barking. CJ jumps and looks around. He takes his headphones off - the barking can be heard behind a large brick wall. CJ chuckles to himself, he puts his music back on and continues down the alleyway.

CJ arrives on the other side of the alley. A pair of headlights flash in his eyes - It is the same car as before. The car doors open and two SILHOUETTED FIGURES exit either side. CJ turns and runs in the opposite direction.

A gloved hand suddenly wraps around CJ's mouth and pulls him back. As he starts to struggle his headphones fall off and he hears a deep voice above him.

                                                                    STICKS (O.S.)

                                                                     (to BLACKS)

                                                                   "Grab his legs."

CJ feels the grip of the hand get tighter as he gets dragged along the pavement. He tries to kick but his legs quickly get grabbed. He see's a man dressed in all black wearing a balaclava.


                                                                    (to BLACKS)

                                                                  "Hurry up man."


                                                                "I'm holding him."

BLACKS and STICKS continue to carry CJ along the pavement as he struggles.


                                                                      "Fuck this."

STICKS takes his hand off CJ's mouth.



STICKS punches CJ in the face and knocks him unconscious. They carry CJ into the back of the car and drive off.