B.A. Hippsley is a native of Pontwalby (Glynneath) but has lived in the village of Cwmgwrach (English translation - Valley of the witches) for the past thirteen years. He has been married for twenty years and has one daughter (who is a fluent welsh speaker). He is educated to MA level in creative writing and has both a BA Hons (Swansea University) and HND in Media Broadcast Communications (Neath College) and also possesses a PGCE. B.A. has lectured in further education across the Neath and Swansea area for over ten years specialising in Media and Film.

He has recently set up his own media tuition business, (Wise Owl Media Wales) hoping to benefit the communities of the surrounding areas. Community is something very important to B.A. and he is very much involved with his village; serving as one of the community Councillors for the village of Cwmgwrach and as a school Governor.

Former Swansea University MA creative writing student B.A. Hippsley, a devoted writer and author has completed his new book CONTAINMENT; a Thrilling and Entertaining adventure set in the early days of a Zombie Apocalypse.

‘CONTAINMENT’ from Severed Press author B.A. Hippsley, is a creative work of ‘page turning’ science fiction/horror.

B.A. also writes plays and scripts and was been lucky enough to have had sections of his stage-play performed at the Taliesin Art Centre.


CONTAINMENT published by Severed Press.

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CONTAINMENT published 2018

The story takes place sometime in the near future; the backwater Montana town of Armstrong has seen better days: economic depression and the recent mysterious communications blackout have taken their toll. The war with Syria and the recent global Ebola emergency have left deep scars in the community. What starts as a simple murder investigation soon takes on a disturbing turn.

A bizarre medical experiment has gone horribly wrong, producing a plague of terrifying man-eating zombie type creatures. The isolated town must fight mounting paranoia and the growing numbers of infected. Terror and evil will shortly stalk the rundown streets. However, things are set to get a whole lot worse. Armstrong is now part of a military CONTAINMENT zone. As the situation escalates, only the mysterious vagrant holds the key to what’s going on.

THE ‘D’ Notice Stage play performed 2014


The ‘D’ Notice is a Horror/Thriller self-contained play. A man is arrested by the police for the apparent murder of three men. He is dressed in hi- tech combat gear but refuses to give his identity. The police believe he is a hit man but he hides a far darker secret.


Government cover-ups and the suppression of truth in the public interest.

 Is it ever right to suppress the truth for public interest?


One 50-minute act.