Sivan Raphaely

Sivan Raphaely is an actress and writer.

She has recently moved to the UK from South Africa where she wrote on the dramedy/ crime series BEDFORD WIVES (Ep 5, 10) for Burnt Onion Productions/ SABC 3. She also wrote on the comedy series DIE KASTEEL for Rous House Productions/ KYKNET (Ep 7, 12). Sivan’s other credits include two years and over 50 episodes on the continuous drama HIGH ROLLERS for Rous House/ SABC 3. The team won a SAFTA award for Best Writing on in 2017. She has also written several children’s animations for AFRIANTICS on three separate shows, FLEDGLINGS (0-4 yrs), FISHPASTE (5-9yrs), and LUMINATI (9-12yrs). Prior to that she worked on various children’s educational series for SABC 1.

Sivan is currently completing her MA in Film & TV through Wits University where she is developing a sci-fi drama series for her final thesis. Her short student film DOG was in competition at the 2017 Rapid Lion International Film Festival.

In 2012 Sivan co-wrote FROM THE MOUTHS OF BABES – a play dealing with identity, memory and motherhood. The play was nominated for a Best Cutting Edge Production at the Naledi Theatre Awards.

Sivan has performed in several films, musicals, plays and television shows including RENT, WE WILL ROCK YOU and is currently in the new BBC series Troy: Fall of a city.

London (Greater London)


Bedford Wives - Series 1 Episodes 5 & 10 (2017)                                                                   2 x 48min drama broadcast by SABC (South African Broadcasting channel), produced by Burnt Onion Productions.

Die Kasteel (The Castle) - Series 1 Episodes 7 &12 (2017)                                                 2 x 24min farce on MNET for KYKNET, produced by Rous House Productions

 High Rollers - Series 2 & 3 Multiple Episodes (2015-17)                                                   +50 x 24min continuous drama for SABC 3, produced byb rous House Productions.                 *SAFTA Award for Best Writing Team for continuous drama 2017

  DOG - Short Film                                                                                                                            5 min short for MA in Film & TV at Wits University, SA.                                                                  * In competition at Rapid Lion International Film Festival 2017, Best Student Short.            (Trailer

Afriantics Season 1 (2014)                                                                                                      Fledglings – Series 1 Episodes 18, 28, 38, 42, 46                                                                                  5 x 5min comedy animation for children aged 0-4 years, produced by Brave TV

Fishpaste – Series 1 Episodes 11 and 14                                                                                                  2 x 11 min comedy animation for children aged 5-9 years, produced by Brave TV

Luminati – Series 1 Episode 31                                                                                                                  1 x 11 min comedy animation for children aged 9-12years, produced by brave TV

Rivoningo- Season 6 Episodes 7, 45, 84, 126 (2014), Season 7 Episode 5 (2015)
5 x 24 minute children's edutainment broadcast by SABC 1 for Asi B Productions

Open Varisty 56, 92, 93, 110, 112 (2013)                                                                                  5 x 5 minute university educational series broadcast by SABC 2 produced by SABC 2

Sketch U Later – Series 1 Episode 4 Sketch (2012 )                                                             1 x 3 minute comedy sketch broadcast by SABC 3 produced by Clive Morris Productions.


From the Mouths of Babes (2012)                                                                                           75 minute play co-written with Sharon Spiegel Wagner, Naami Gottlieb Lieberman and Malcolm Purkey produced by The Market Theatre, performed at the Market Theatre      *Nominated for Naledi Award for Best Cutting Edge Play 2013


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