Piers Clifton

Piers Clifton is a screenwriter of children’s film and TV.

In 2017, he completed his first major screenwriting commission – a UK/Chinese CG animated movie script for producer Max Howard (producer of Igor and Executive Producer of DreamWorks’ Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, amongst many other movies).

As well as the script for Max Howard, Piers has worked on the animated movie Here Comes The Grump (as Additional Writer) – which was premiered at AFM in November 2017. He was also Additional Writer on the film LEGO Friends Girlz 4 Life.

Piers was a Creative Producer at Prime Focus Animation for four years and, before that, he worked in TV Comedy and Entertainment (during which time he did a good deal of script editing/writing). He’s also an experienced Development Producer, with a background in TV/film development at companies like Prime Focus and Wall To Wall.

Piers is an Oxford University English graduate and he’s written a children’s novel: Lawrence and the Movie-making Mutt.

His skills include writing funny dialogue… and sticking to a production brief (having worked in production himself). Piers has loved working as a writer of family movies and he’s now seeking to broaden his experience to children’s TV as well (animated and live action).

West Midlands

Animated Movies

2017 Major new animated movie, title TBA (Max Howard Consulting Group/Dragon Tower Entertainment) – Co-Writer

2016 Here Comes The Grump (Ánima Estudios/Prime Focus Animation) – Additional Writer

­2015 LEGO Friends Girlz 4 Life (M2 Entertainment) – Additional Writer



2014 Lawrence and the Movie-Making Mutt (Mouse That Roared Ltd) – Author


TV Comedy and Entertainment

Previously to working in Animation and Film, Piers was a producer of TV comedy and entertainment – during which time he also wrote scripts and script edited. See below for selected credits. 

2008 ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards – Producer. Role included script editing.

2008 Top Fifty Celebrity Meltdowns (Sky One) – Producer. Role included writing script.

2006 The British Comedy Awards: 16 Dangerous Years (ITV1) – Producer. Incl. script editing.

2006 The British Comedy Awards: The Show Goes On Live (ITV2) – Producer. Incl. script editing.

2005 The British Comedy Awards at 15 (ITV2) – Producer. Incl. script editing.

2003 Testing Friends (ITV1 pilot) – Writer/Producer.

2002 Entertaining Elvis (ITV1) – Produced and devised this comedy music show.


Development Producer – Film and TV

Throughout Piers’ career he’s also worked extensively in TV and film development – writing pitches, treatments and formats for a number of companies. See below for selected credits.

2012-2017 Prime Focus Animation – Creative Producer (development and production).

2006-2007 Wall To Wall – Development Producer.

2005 Flame Television – Head of Development.

2003 Red Wall (Wall To Wall/Red) – Development Producer on proposed Johnny Vegas show for Channel 4.

2001-2003 Unique/Michael Hurll TV – Development Producer. Commissions included Lights! Camera! Magic! for Disney/Channel 5, which Piers co-devised.

2000-2009. Development Producer at various other companies during this period, including RDF Media, Zenith and Princess Productions.


Other Credits

2012 The Smuggler’s Story (Sarner International Ltd) – Producer/Writer of interactive visitors' attraction.

2000 Off Season (Shooting Pictures) – Piers was approached to write an original screenplay, as a result of his running-up entry in a short screenplay competition in The Times.

Animation, Books, Childrens writing, Comedy, Film, Radio, Television, Theatre