Ian Thomas

Ian runs the story-for-games company Talespinners alongside his co-director Giles Armstrong.

Ian is a games writer, programmer, narrative designer and published author who has wrestled computers for a living for nearly two decades. He's worked in interactive television, education, puppet-making, film and the video games industry, where he's helped bring to life award-winning LEGO games, the LittleBigPlanet series, and the undersea horror SOMA. He's written films, children's books about Cthulhu, pulp novels, and interactive fiction, and writes & directs live action events. Most of his time is spent working on gameplay and story for the Swedish company Frictional Games.

He founded and ran Games Wales South, a social meetup and lecture programme for local games developers; chaired Games Wales; and advised BAFTA Cymru and the Welsh Government on their games strategies.


The Siege and the Sandfox (Game, 2016)
The Bunker (Game, 2016)
Pendragon Rising (Game, 2016)
Fallen Soldiers (Feature Film, 2015)
God Rest Ye Merry (Live Event, 2015)
Frozen Synapse Prime (Game, 2014)
Where's My Shoggoth? (Book, 2012)
Empire (Game, 2012)
Fallen London (Game, 2011)
Blood Trails (Screenplay, 2011)
Revamp (Screenplay, 2010)
Reign (Screenplay, 2009)
The Pirate's Crystal (Game, 2009)
My Worst Words (Book, 2009)
The Pharaoh's Crystal (Game, 2007)

Books, Film, Poetry, Television, Theatre, Videogames