Matt Batten

After 15 years as a highly-awarded creative in advertising, during which Matt wrote and created over 30 TV commercials and dozens of branded content films, storytelling for some of the world's best known brands, and won over 120 international awards, he entered the world of screenwriting and film-making, establishing Mr Chicken Films.

Mr Chicken is always looking for people with whom to collaborate on films, and also offers his directing, screenwriting and ideation skills to others. If you'd like to work together on a Mr Chicken film, get some screenwriting assistance, want an idea to kickstart your own script, or to join forces on one of your own projects, get in touch via


Hunt (2015) (short film)

Creep (2016) (short film)

Last (2016) (short film)

Missing (2016) (short film)

Last Night (2017) (feature screenplay)

Inheritance (2017) (feature screenplay)

Blitz Hotel (2017) (feature screenplay)

Film,Short story

A career in advertising provided Matt a solid grounding in writing TV commercials and content films. After developing the knack to tell a story in as little as 30 seconds, Matt decided it was time to give his stories more time to breathe and live. With dozen of short film scripts under his belt, many of which have been awarded in film festivals around the world, he has added feature film screenplays to his repertoire.

His body of work includes short films Hunt (2015), a thriller inspired by the game hunters still slaying animals in the wild; Creep (2016), a stop-motion film about monsters in closets; Missing (2016), a drama focusing on a girl missing in London; and Last (2016), a sci-fi featuring the last living creature on Earth. His feature film screenplays include Last Night, a genre-bending teen comedy drama sci-fi; comedy film Inheritance; and period war drama Blitz Hotel.