Paul Sellars

London (Greater London)

"Home and Away" TV comedy/drama. BBC - Director Dewi Humphreys (Vicar of Dibley and My Family) Producer: Barry Mathews.

“The Michael Barrymore Specials” - One of a team of writers on the series of shows. Carlton TV (UK).

“Gunther” -  Proposed TV series based on the books The Pale Criminal, March Violets and A German Requiem by Philip Kerr.  Production Company - Wall to Wall (UK) Producers: Alex Graham and Jane Root.

"Black Sheep of the Family" Original Screenplay. Represented by the ICM offices in LA. Prelude Pictures/Paramount.

"Thai Horse" Screenplay – Assignment -  Adaptation of William Diehl\'s bestselling novel. For Victor Grais Productions, LA (“Poltergeist” “Tommyknockers”) Producers: Mike Picknell, Mark Victor & Michael Grais, LA.

“The Colour of Courage” – Adapted from the novel. Rights owned by Cinergy Films SA.

“Grief Gully” – Screenplay – Assignment to adapt short story. The Network SA.USA.

“Cowboys and Indians” - Screenplay. For Soho Communications/Productions and 2 Percy St.

“The Judas Boy”  Nicholl Fellowship Semi-Finalist. Screenplay featured on The Black List.

 “The Black Englishman” – Assignment – Screenplay -  Adaptation from Carolyn Slaughter’s novel: “The Black Englishman”. For Partnership Pictures UK/Prague. Executive producer Lucien Tyssendier.

2014 - “Broken Wing” – Animation feature film script optioned by Boomtown Co, Toons Films (India) for A. Larry Ross Communications, AMG Distribution.

2014/5 “Coldsleep Lullaby” -  Proposal for screenplay based on the novel by Andrew Brown. Director Kim Geldenhuys (South Africa).

2015 - “The Code of War” – Screenplay. Commissioned by Bird Films South Africa.Alan Lawson - Executive Producer.

2015 - “Smile of Angels” – Screenplay. Optioned by Constantin Film AG (DE).

 2016 -“The Lost and Found” Originally a screenplay now optioned for a 4 x 1hour TV series. BBC Films

2017/8 - “Bitter Strength”  - Screenplay. Pre-emptive bid.

2018 - “Rejection” – Screenplay assignment for director Pierluca De Carlo. (Italy/LA).

 2018 - “The Hole” – Screenplay assignment for director Pierluca de Carlo. (Italy/LA).

2019  - "If Only" - Screenplay assignment for director Pierluca de Carlo (Italy/LA).

2020 - "Tip Off" - Screenplay for Kim Geldenhuys (UK. South Africa)






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