Paul Sellars

I am currently working as a full time screenwriter though my experience has inevitably led me to take up the role of mentoring film students and experienced writers and directors,  as well as script editing and doctoring.

For a number of years I worked as a global creative director in advertising for some of the most creative agencies.

Inevitably, whilst making hundreds of commercials, I was working alongside some of the best directors in the world and was soon asked to write film scripts for some of them. This led me to make a move into screenwriting full time. As you’ll see, my screenplays have been accepted by the BBC in London, The Black List and also by Paramount Studios in Los Angeles (all of which is mentioned in my writing bio).

Early on I did the usual Robert McKee and John Truby seminars to get a grounding of the working process. I even took a William Goldman adaptation workshop in LA when I was there. So I learnt my craft not only from great directors and producers but also excellent writers and theorists too.

I have become increasingly involved as a script reader/ analyst and screenwriting teacher.  This part of my career has evolved over time through my work overseas.  Helping directors, producers and writers in South Africa as well as in Europe.

And more recently, remotely on-line with Zoom one-to-one guidance and mentoring or in workshop set-ups.

I am also a Graduate of the Faber Academy.


London (Greater London)

"Home and Away" TV comedy/drama. BBC - Director Dewi Humphreys (Vicar of Dibley and My Family) Producer: Barry Mathews.

“The Michael Barrymore Specials” - One of a team of writers on the series of shows. Carlton TV (UK).

“Gunther” -  Proposed TV series based on the books The Pale Criminal, March Violets and A German Requiem by Philip Kerr.  Production Company - Wall to Wall (UK) Producers: Alex Graham and Jane Root.

"Black Sheep of the Family" Original Screenplay. Represented by the ICM offices in LA. Prelude Pictures/Paramount.

"Thai Horse" Screenplay – Assignment -  Adaptation of William Diehl\'s bestselling novel. For Victor Grais Productions, LA (“Poltergeist” “Tommyknockers”) Producers: Mike Picknell, Mark Victor & Michael Grais, LA.

"Dangerous Curves" Screenplay. For VictorGrais Productions,LA.

“The Colour of Courage” – Adapted from the novel. Rights owned by Cinergy Films SA.

“Grief Gully” – Screenplay – Assignment to adapt short story. The Network SA.USA.

“Cowboys and Indians” - Screenplay. For Soho Communications/Productions and 2 Percy St.

2004 Euroscript Screen Story Competition Winner  "Belle Folie"

“The Judas Boy”  2014 Nicholl Fellowship Semi-Finalist. Screenplay featured on The Black List.

 “The Black Englishman” – Assignment – Screenplay -  Adaptation from Carolyn Slaughter’s novel: “The Black Englishman”. For Partnership Pictures UK/Prague. Executive producer Lucien Tyssendier.

2014 - “Broken Wing” – Animation feature film script optioned by Boomtown Co, Toons Films (India) for A. Larry Ross Communications, AMG Distribution.

2014/5 “Coldsleep Lullaby” -  Proposal for screenplay based on the novel by Andrew Brown. Director Kim Geldenhuys (South Africa).

2015 - “Code of War” – Screenplay. Commissioned by Bird Films South Africa.Alan Lawson - Executive Producer.

2015 - “Smile of Angels” – Screenplay. Optioned by Constantin Film AG (DE).

 2016 -“The Lost and Found” Originally a screenplay recently optioned for a 4 x 1hour TV series.

2017/8 - “Bitter Strength”  - Screenplay. Pre-emptive bid.

2018 - “Rejection” – Screenplay assignment - Director Pierluca De Carlo. (Italy/LA).

 2018 - “The Hole” – Screenplay assignment - Director Pierluca de Carlo. (Italy/LA).

2019  - "If Only" - Screenplay assignment - Director Pierluca de Carlo (Italy/LA).

2020 - "Tip Off" - Original script for short film -Dir: Kim Geldenhuys (UK. South Africa)

2021 - 'In Memoriam" Original screenplay.

2022 - 'An Island' Screenplay assignment to adapt the novel by Karen Jennings (longlisted for 2022 Booker Prize). Dir: Kim Geldenhuys - 0307 Films (UK. South Africa)

2023 - Finalist of the TWENTIETH ANNUAL AMERICAN ZOETROPE SCREENPLAY COMPETITION. One of only 8 finalists from a total of 2,000 submissions. And the only non-American! Screenplay awarded "Masterpiece"

2024 - 'Instant in the Wind' Screenplay assignment to adapt Andre Brink's novel. Dir: Kim Geldenhuys - 0307 Films (UK. South Africa)






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