Gerald Cole

Gerald was born in Romford, Essex, for which he has now forgiven himself, and educated at a local grammar school and Wadham College, Oxford where he studied English Language and Literature and made a short film, though not necessarily in that order.

He trained as a journalist on the Wakefield Express, where Lindsay Anderson made his first film and the Gloucestershire Echo, where the film critic Derek Malcolm was previously a reporter. After becoming launch editor of SelfBuild & Design magazine, he specialised in house design and construction and sustainability. He was shortlisted for Consumer Magazine Property Journalist of the Year for the Property Press Awards in 2017 and 2019 and for Sustainability Journalist of the Year in 2021.

London (Greater London)

Gerald is the author of 13 books, including novels, film novelisations, filmographies and a selfbuild manual. They include Gregory's Girl, which became a GCSE set text, Sid and Nancy, Any Which Way You Can, Superstition, a co-authored autobiography, which was adapted by Eleven Film for Sky TV, Ben's Dad and the Bone Stone, a book for 8-12 year olds, Build Your Own Brick House and numerous short stories.

His screenplays include Smiling Willie and the Tiger, an adaptation of the novel by John Harris, Summoning Angels, Unfinished Temples and The Tower and numerous short screenplays, including The Intruder starring Enver  (Agent Carter, Avengers Assemble) Gjokaj. Gerald also acted as script editor on the independent film Closure shot in LA in 2019.


Books, Childrens writing, Comedy, Film, Short story, Television, Theatre