Ben Daly

Ben Daly

When did you first realise you wanted to write for a living?

At the age of 15 when I decided I was going to write a book series based on all the stories I would tell to my friends as I was growing up. But I decided that my main writing was going to be focused on screenwriting at university when I did an undergrad in film and TV production.

The screenplay format clicked with me there when I wrote short films and feature films, as it felt like the perfect combination between a novel and a play, as I also love theatre and plays as well.

Which writer, past or present, do you most admire?

The writer I admire the most is J. R. R. Tolkien, he created an entire world and history for his stories which is just incredible.

What was your first published (or performed) credit as a writer?

That would be my first project at university in 2019, which was a documentary about adaptations of Batman, which I wrote, directed and presented in as well.

Which piece of writing work are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the first feature film script I have ever written, which was in 2020, in lockdown during the summer in between my first and second year of university. It was a horror film. Although it may not be my best work, it was a challenge I set for myself to use the time in lockdown to practise writing and create something good out of a bad situation.

Who or what inspires you to write?

Stories have always been there for me as I was growing up, through all of the hard times and the good. The characters, the themes and the messages they tell have always picked me up when I was down. Even when I’ve felt alone or like I wasn’t good enough, they’ve inspired me to keep going.

I want to create stories like that for others, I want to be the light in the dark that helps others who have felt like I have before. And inspire them through my art to keep going, because sometimes all you need is a good story to help you see that you got this and that you can do anything you set your mind too.

How do you switch off when you’re not writing?

I switch off through reading books and comics, walking through nature, playing games, watching films at the cinema, playing DnD with friends and spending time with family and friends. Most of the time though when I’m not writing, I am still watching, playing or reading stories.

Which one piece of advice would you give to aspiring writers?

It’s not going to be perfect on the first draft. I had an issue for a long time where I would spend ages on the first draft because I wanted it to be perfect. It’s never going to be perfect, the first draft is just get the story written down. Then you can do many things like get feedback, read through it, step away and think about it. Then come back and improve it. But the best part about that is that it’s already there, it just needs to be shaped.

Why are you a member of WGGB?

I want to write stories and connect with others who want to as well.

Ben Daly is a writer who wants to create art and stories that make the world a better place, that inspire others like stories have inspired him throughout his life.

Specialising as a screenwriter who has written several feature films, short films and TV pilots/bibles, in a variety of genres including horror, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy and drama.


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