Stephen Potts

Stephen Potts

“The OED defines a guild as ‘an organization formed for the mutual aid and protection of its members, or for the furtherance of some common purpose… a company, a fellowship.’

“About right – though this definition would also fit the Mafia (at least until ‘common purpose’ is defined!)

“It’s often said that writing is a lonely business, and it is no lonelier than for a solitary author seeking to protect – and earn from – his or her work, in the face of people and organisations which want the ‘product’ but aren’t always prepared to play fair, or pay fairly, to get it.

“That’s why I am a WGGB member. I’m fortunate that I’ve never yet had to call on their support, but I know it’s there should I ever need it.

“And perhaps more importantly, others know it too. It might not have the cachet of a Soprano or a Corleone, but the WGGB name means something.”

Stephen Potts began by writing fiction for older children, with a total of seven books published. He then moved into drama, writing short pieces for the stage in Edinburgh and London, for BBC Radio, and now for film and TV, specialising in historically set adaptations. He has had one feature produced (a Philip Pullman adaptation) and four scripts optioned. He has won six screenwriting awards, at festivals in Monaco, Amsterdam, New York and Toronto. By day he works as a psychiatrist In Edinburgh’s transplant unit. More on his website.


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