Sarah Fretwell-Jex

Sarah Fretwell-Jex

“An important reason for my becoming a member was to get support and guidance on areas such as contracts and finding an agent. It’s tough negotiating for yourself, when you know it’s not your super-power. It also takes you away from what gives you satisfaction, which for me is getting on with the business of writing.

“I have yet to fathom how I go about getting an agent, but am hoping that the answer lies somewhere here at the Writers’ Guild. I have already had invaluable help and advice with my most recent contract and truly appreciate how easy the Guild made that!”

I began writing creatively in 2006, poetry and short stories to begin with. Two novels followed and with the third half written, I was inspired to write a series of children’s stories under the banner title ‘Story time with Mother Earth’. These led me to being invited to write for a pilot TV series, Mahjong Dreams, which is currently on a desk somewhere in China being considered for production.

My initial project has since been converted for television by me, in conjunction with a cartoon production house and is in the wings. My third TV idea Gloria’s Pinkie, is just being fleshed out and hopefully will knock everybody’s socks off sometime in 2022.

My background is in design for print and design education, and for fun I am learning to sail. My two children are adults, so my focus is very much on my writing and where that can take me in the coming years.


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