Roger Williams

Roger Williams

“I’ve been a member of the Writers’ Guild since I started writing professionally. An established member – who understood how important recruiting new members is to the Guild – spoke to me about the Guild after a performance of one of my plays and signed me up. I was encouraged to attend meetings in Cardiff and learnt tonnes about the industry from writers I wouldn’t have met unless I’d joined. A few years later I became the Wales Representative on the Executive Committee and started taking part in negotiations. I organised events in Cardiff and represented the Guild at the Federation of Entertainment Unions (Wales). Before becoming Chair of the Guild (2012-2015), I was a Deputy Chair for three years and Chair of the Editorial and Communications Committee.

“I realised many years ago that writers were the only group that could – and should – represent their interests effectively. We can best do this by working together. The Writers’ Guild is a small but influential organisation. By encouraging more members to become involved in the Guild’s day-to-day work we can only be stronger.”

Roger Williams is a playwright and screenwriter who works in both the English and Welsh languages. His work explores aspects of modern Welsh life, including the place of minority languages and the Cardiff gay scene. He won a BAFTA in 2011 for the S4C drama series Caerdydd, and in 2015 for Tir. In 2012 he established the production company Joio. The company’s first production was the film Tir, adapted from Williams’ original stage play Tir Sir Gâr, for which he won the Best Playwright (Welsh Language) Award at the Theatre Critics of Wales Awards 2014. He is a former Chair of WGGB (2012-2015).


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