Matt Batten

Matt Batten

“After 15 years as an advertising creative, writing TV commercials for cars, tacos, home loans, software giants and much more, and winning every award that industry has to offer, I finally took the plunge toward the career I really wanted – author, screenwriter, director. Will write words for lunch money.”

As Matt Batten worked his way up through the ranks in advertising creative departments, he has written hundreds of press ads, and scripted over 40 TV commercials and dozens of radio ads. In his spare time he has started several novels before his ideas began to evolve from the printed page to the big screen.

After 15 years in advertising, he took a break to pursue screenwriting and finally script the dozens of ideas he’d jotted down at random times, and undertake his first short film as a solo mission under the production name of Mr Chicken Films. The trailer for his debut film, Creep, amassed 50,000 views in four weeks and was nominated for a Vimeo award. He is seeking representation for his original TV sitcom pilot and the comedy screenplay currently flowing from his fingertips, while busy looking for 3D animators for another short film Capture and shooting a third short called Hunt on locations in the UK and Ireland.


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