Kim Southey

Kim Southey

“I want to begin to pursue a professional career being paid as a writer in theatre and television.”

Kim is a writer, theatre director and teacher based in Hertfordshire and London. Kim has been working in the theatre industry for over eight years, firstly in stage management and then as a director and writer. Her plays have been performed in various theatres throughout London.

Kim studied Film and Television at the University of Hertfordshire before going on to study an MA in Text and Performance at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and Birkbeck University, graduating in 2018. Whilst at RADA, Kim assistant directed an all-female production of The Taming of the Shrew under the direction of award-winning playwright Steve Thompson. She also wrote her first play, a semi-autobiographical comical drama, Growing Pains for her RADA dissertation, which she also directed.

Since graduating, she has continued to write and direct plays in Hertfordshire and London. Kim also runs her own stage school and youth theatre company: Mimic, which she founded in 2018. 


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