Kay Mellor

Kay Mellor OBE

“The world of a writer can be a lonely one but with the Writers’ Guild you are part of a collective. As a member of the Guild we are no longer a lone voice, but a powerful network working in the best interest of all writers out there. Simply, together we are no longer on our own.

“Over the years I have turned to the Guild for advice and support on many occasions and it’s reassuring to know that you and your intellectual property are safeguarded by such a powerful collective. I remember way back when I was a jobbing writer a producer pushed me to change a script which was very dear to me. When I refused they told me they would go ahead and change it themselves anyway. Thankfully I was able to turn to my Writers’ Guild contract, which protected me and my work from this happening. I will forever be grateful to the Guild for this protection.”

Photo: www.kytephotography.co.uk

Kay Mellor OBE is a Leeds born and bred writer. She has written several highly acclaimed and groundbreaking drama series including Band of Gold (1995), Fat Friends (2000) and The Syndicate (2012). In 2015 she was presented with the WGGB Award for Outstanding Contribution to Writing. You can see more about her work at www.rollemproductions.co.uk


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