Daniel Hopson

Daniel Hopson

“Inspired by [former WGGB Chair] Gail Renard’s visit to the Bognor Regis campus, University of Chichester, Tech Park, where Gail gave a talk about her career and about her time at Writers Guild Great Britain, gave me the drive to want to become a member of the Guild.

“Further supplying us with insight into the industry and tips to help our careers, Gail highly praised the WGGB. Her fulfilling and great career has been supported along the way by the WGGB, and so it became a no-brainer to become one of the first, if not the first student members in November 2019!”

Daniel Hopson is a student at the University of Chichester, studying screenwriting. Having grown up watching Disney films such as The Lion King and Hercules, and the original Star Wars films and then the Harry Potter films, his love for writing manifested in his late teens when he started writing and planning a novel. He loves films that deliver a great plot twist at the end and his ambition is to become a screenwriter, writing plots that leave audiences feeling emotionally surprised and engaged.


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