Claire Hogan

Claire Hogan

“I am new to writing and I have learnt that in life if you want to get on surround yourself with winners and I think that this is a great place to do exactly that.”

I am new to writing and inspired to use lockdown to make a difference and do some of those things I have always wanted to do. So I took a stand-up comedy course, which I enjoyed, but realised I had to learn to write my own material.

I then took a six-week writing comedy course by David Tristam and it was like a touch-paper was lit. I was writing plays and living on adrenalin. By the end of summer I had written five comedy short plays and a one-act play. I had the bug.

I applied for a bursary to do a certificate in creative writing and writing for performance at ICE, Madingley Hall, Cambridge, and I have been accepted to do the diploma.

I have written a pilot for a sitcom that has been commissioned and we are aiming to shoot in September.

I feel that writing has allowed me to unlock my authentic self.


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