Alistair Harley

Alistair Harley

“My life achievements are peculiar to me. I don’t write documentaries, but use my life knowledge and experience to spark themes, ideas, visuals and especially characters. Whereas writing has been an integral feature of every aspect of my life to date listed below, purely creative writing is a late addition. You will find aspects of my life incorporated in many of my stories.”

After dropping out of an engineering degree, Alistair Harley has had an eclectic career path – working as a draughtsman, gardener, cemetery worker and road sweeper, among other roles, before training and working as a psychiatric nurse.

Following various managerial roles in the NHS, he chaired healthcare committees and research groups and was a member of a variety of project teams, plus managed three learning disabilities hospitals.

After leaving the NHS in the mid-1990s, he set up a number of businesses and in the past decade has turned his interest to writing – attending courses, reading countless books, researching and writing stories and scripts for TV drama. His aim? BAFTA.

You can find more about Alistair on his website.


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