Craft Representatives

Vanessa Brooks

Co-Chair of the Theatre Committee

“I joined the Guild when Alan Ayckbourn first commissioned me to write a main house play and I felt so proud to be part of a union that included playwrights I looked up to. Over the years as a working playwright and writer I’ve called up the office for assistance around the tricky corners that we all navigate from time to time. I’ve also met and learned from amazing theatre writers through the Guild. We’re a tremendous family of intellect, vision and provocation and the support we offer each other in our crucial outspokenness is invaluable. The Theatre Committee are guardians and progressors of the craft, proud protectors of theatre as a platform for the single voice and advocates and negotiators for better conditions and fair pay. It’s a huge privilege to co chair and to frame the collective power of playwrights and theatre writers as dissenters, agitators and encapsulators of our times.”