Craft Representatives

Thom Fell

Co-Chair of the Editorial & Communications Committee

“I’m going to hold my hands up and admit that my initial reason for joining the Guild was less than altruistic; I was looking to future proof myself in the face of a potential film credit arbitration. Yeah, I got a body who’d automatically fight my corner but I found so much more: I got a writing family…

“I’ve always believed in the fundamentals of unions but, as we battle to get a foothold in difficult industries, it’s easy to assume that we’re alone; ‘me vs. the world’. It doesn’t have to be that way. I now have a collection of talented, caring, diligent, sympathetic folk around me. It’s made me want to protect them as much as they are willing to work for me. This is why I’m offering whatever I can bring to the Guild to keep pushing us forward, making our corners of the industry fairer places in which to operate.

“As writers, our jobs are essentially communication. It is vital that individual voices are heard within our community and that our message, as a group, is successfully relayed to those within and beyond its confines. Jen and I will be looking to build on Piers Beckley’s sterling work to help a great team to facilitate understanding, openness, and relevance for our union.

“I enjoy long walks, putting things in my mouth, and tapping plastic squares.”