Executive Council Officers

Olivia Hetreed

Olivia Hetreed


“I joined the Writers’ Guild for purely selfish reasons. I wanted a WGA screening of my debut feature, Girl with a Pearl Earring, and had to be a WGGB member to get one. But within days of being accepted into the Guild I found myself tiptoeing nervously into my first Film Committee meeting. I was intrigued and impressed by the hard work put in by the volunteer committee on all sorts of tricky issues for writers, which I had thought had to be borne or struggled against alone.

“Since then the committee has produced guidelines for screenwriters, revised Credit Arbitration, organised a multitude of talks and networking events for screenwriters, producers and directors. We have been able to recognise the talent of newer writers with our First Feature Award and helped out with sadly too many contract tangles. We have spearheaded joint work with directors and producers on the Film Policy Review and produced a comprehensive survey of the relationship between screenwriters and film festivals, Written into the Picture.”

Listen to podcast of Olivia Hetreed in conversation with fellow screenwriter Jeremy Brock (first broadcast November 2013).