Craft Representatives

Jenifer Toksvig

Jenifer Toksvig

Co-Chair of the Editorial & Communications Committee

“I joined the Writers’ Guild because I believe we are stronger together, and it seems to me that the Editorial & Communications Committee is particularly concerned with this core purpose of the union: to connect us more strongly to each other, and to our industries, and to the society within which we are communicators. It is a privilege to co-chair with my colleague, Thom Fell.

“In my writing career, I am a collaborative theatre maker, driven not only to make work, but also to support others in the making of their work. Professionally, I’m a writer of musicals, plays, spoken word poetry, games, and theatre-gaming hybrids. I also direct and produce, and am a facilitator. I run several hubs on social media, including The Larder, through which I provide information, support and advocacy for theatremakers and other creatives.”

Photo by Kate Griffin Photography