Craft Representatives

Corinne Sweet

Corinne Sweet

Co-Chair of the Books Committee

“I’ve been a member of the Writer’s Guild for over 20 years, since I wrote my first book whilst being a feature writing journalist and campaigner. I am a lover of books, of writing in all forms, and write both non-fiction and fiction. I believe in promoting the art of good writing, and also, in defending the rights of writers. Paper books, as well-cherished entities, are under threat currently, from a rapidly changing market and the impact of the internet. This is challenging, but progress necessarily brings about change. We can’t turn back the clock and many book writers will also now be involved in ebooks, script writing, journalism, blogging, broadcasting, as technology develops and as the market demands.

“To date, I’ve written 15 books, and have many more on the slate. My non-fiction divides into popular psychology (I’m also a psychologist and psychotherapist), with bestselling titles, such as Change Your Life with CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) (Pearsons), and The Mindfulness Journal (Pan MacMillan). The Anxiety Journal is soon out. I’m also known for Overcoming Addiction (Piatkus), How to Say No, Stop Fighting About Money and Birth Begins at Forty (all Hodder), and appear regularly on TV and radio talking about these issues. I also ghost write life stories, and have written several memoirs, including Sixty Years a Nurse by Mary Hazard (HarperCollins) and Deliver Me From Evil by Alloma Gilbert (Hodder). I am also a screenwriter, and have penned feature films and drama series. I have written a novel, and am about to write a libretto, and think most writers find themselves writing all sorts of different things at different stages of their writing careers. However, book writers are often at the bottom of the pile, and I think the defence of writers’ rights has never been so pressing.

“I see myself as a ‘hybrid’ writer, who ranges from non-fiction to fiction, from books to screenplays and dramas, journalism and blogs, and back again. I am also a broadcaster (I trained on Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4, and was also a Big Brother Psychologist for three series). I know how important it is for writers to be able to handle the media and PR, and would hope to help book writers to do this more effectively. Most writers now need to be adaptable, flexible, internet-savvy and PR friendly. I hope to bring energy and ideas to the Books Committee so we can build a strong force to represent book writers and defend and promote our rights (and our work) as a profession in a complex, rapidly changing world. I love writing and I love books and feel it is a true privilege to serve on the Writer’s Guild Committee.”

“You can see more about me on my website.”