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Have your say

Get your voice heard on an issue that matters to you!

WGGB runs a number of campaigns, with lots of opportunities to take part in petitions or surveys.

Below is a list of current ways you can have your say. Every voice counts so please take part and share amongst your friends and colleagues.

Increase BBC investment in the Midlands


It is vital to support regional production in the Midlands, especially following the announcement that BBC Doctors is closing. Sign the petition to increase BBC investment in the region.






‘Hybrid’/paid-for publishing

94% of writers who had paid to have their book published lost money, typically in the thousands, according to a new report by WGGB and the Society of Authors (SoA), which details aggressive marketing tactics, manipulative sales approaches, unclear contracts and publishing processes and services that fall far short of expectations and value.

Sign the open letter to call for an end to bad practice.