WGGB lobbied Government during the Brexit negotiations and beyond, to ensure writers’ voices are heard and stay firmly on the agenda.

The Government’s failure to agree travel rights for UK artists and creators post-Brexit has led to calls from the Federation of Entertainment Unions (FEU), of which WGGB is part, to address this issue urgently.

Read a joint statement we issued in January 2021 and view a petition we have called on our members to sign.

This was debated in Parliament on 8 February 2021, where MPs called for an end to the “blame game” between the UK and the EU and said that without a resolution Britain would be committing “an act of self-harm” on its live performance industries (you can watch a video of the session here).

You can also read a short briefing we put together for members on where UK writers stand post Brexit.

In April 2021 we signed an open letter to the Prime Minister from the Incorporated Society of Musicians proposing measures to tackle the new restrictions on the creative industries as a result of the EU trade deal.

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