Edinburgh at night

WGGB at Scottish Film Summit

The Scottish film sector is facing a period of immense change, challenge and opportunity. In response to this, the Scottish Film Summit is engaging all sectors of the Scottish film industry, from producers, writers and directors, to facilities companies, location managers and crews, to film educators, archivists, trainers and academics, festival programmers, distributors and exhibitors.

The Scottish Film Summit is a forum for debate and discussion open to everyone involved in the film industry and film culture in Scotland. WGGB is one of the participating organisations and has a permanent seat on the steering committee.

Following on from the Summit at Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) 2014 and the half-day Summit at Glasgow Film Festival 2015, the Second Annual Summit was held in Edinburgh on the day of the opening film of EIFF 2015, on Wednesday 17 June 2015.

The aim of the summit was to provide a forum for everyone engaged in Scottish film to come together to discuss the future Scotland’s film industry wants to build. The event was practitioner-led and questions raised included:

How do we build a Scottish film industry?

What kind of industry do we aspire to build?

How can we build a sustainable industry that provides a living, grows businesses, attracts inward investment, and shows Scottish stories and Scottish talent around the world?

As well as a forum for discussion and debate, the day also featured keynote speakers setting out their views on the issues the Scottish film industry should be considering.

WGGB has led two panel events in the past and led another on Wednesday 17 June 2015, chaired by WGGB President Olivia Hetreed. It focused on how we can establish a collaboration between Scottish producers and screenwriters. Read a report of the panel.

Further information and updates can be found on the EIFF website.

Photo of Edinburgh at night: Shutterstock.com/SurangaSL