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The do’s and don’ts of games writing

This free event, which takes place at 7pm on Thursday 13 December in London, is presented by WGGB, IGDA’s Writing SIG, and IGDA London

This is an interactive panel where you get to choose your own adventure. Want the discussion to centre on game narrative structure, game nightmares, or voice directing? You will be able to steer the panel of experienced writers through a series of questions that could cover characters, speech design, branching dialogue – we just won’t know until the evening. All we know is that the choice will be yours, the advice will be plentiful, and we will all go out to network afterwards.

Your customisable player characters will be: Giles Armstrong (Spectrum Retreat), Rebecca Haigh (Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey, Atone) Tom Jubert (Swapper, Talos Principle, FTL, Subnautica), Alice Rendell (Senior Narrative Designer, Massive Entertainment, The Descendant, Zodia: Orcanon Odyssey), Andrew S. Walsh (Prince of Persia, Harry Potter, Need for Speed, Legend of Solgard).

Full details and book your free ticket via Eventbrite.