climate strike

WGGB declares a climate emergency

On Friday 20 September 2019, WGGB called on its members to put their pens down and unplug their laptops to join the Global Climate Strike demonstration.

We also declared a climate and ecological emergency (read our full statement here).

Events took place across the UK but we focused our efforts on the largest march in London because that’s what the Youth Strike 4 Climate organisers asked us to do.

WGGB members were out in force on the march and also took part in local events in the UK.

As well as taking part in marches, we called on our members to show solidarity and spread the word by:

  • Sharing word of the strike and the campaign online.
  • Donating to support the organisation of the strike.
  • Taking 30 minutes out of their day to down tools and share support on social media using the trending hashtag #climatestrike

Photo: Shutterstock/Oliver Cole