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Should I work for free?

This is a question we get asked a lot at WGGB Head Office. The answer? No writer should work for free. That’s the most basic advice and one of the main reasons for the existence of unions.

But knowing when there may be occasions when it’s OK to say yes is about deciding for yourself if there is a fair exchange for your time and effort.

To help you in this process we’ve produced some handy flowcharts, by writing craft area, and also combined in a flipbook. You can access them all below.

They are designed to be informative but not exhaustive and writers are reminded that support and advice from our experienced staff is just one of the benefits of being a WGGB member, alongside our contract vetting service (subject to membership level). If you’re not yet a WGGB member, you can join online.

Click on the links below to access each flowchart by craft area

Should I word for free? Comedy

Should I work for free? Film

Should I work for free? Radio

Should I work for free? Theatre

Should I work for free? TV

Should I work for free? TV Shadow Schemes

Should I work for free? Videogames

View the ‘Should I work for free?’ flipbook below

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