Lee Lawson

I’m an ex-soldier having served many years in Military Intelligence, Bomb Disposal and Cyber Operations. I have personally ran intercept operations against foreign militaries, Special Police forces perpetrating ‘Ethnic Cleansing’, and against domestic terrorist groups in Northern Ireland.

Whilst on a Bosnian mountaintop site, super secret people built a super secret satellite dish under a tent and the next day a storm blew that tent into minefield. Then the bomb team turned up and told us that “it’s probably safe” to go get it!

I later served in the Bomb Disposal teams, working mainly on the UK mainland, Belfast and Omagh. During this time, I dealt with a mortar bomb placed in Barry McGuigan’s gran’s back garden, and I had a fridge freezer thrown at me.

After leaving the Military, I became a professional hacker and now lead a team of cyber security experts that hunt for foreign government and military hackers to evict them from their targets. I am part of the cyber research team that first discovered Hillary Clinton’s campaign had been hacked by the Russians.

Naturally drawn to feed off my career history, I have TV pilots in the thriller genre and enjoy the twisting nature of such stories, but I have also stretched my legs into comedy and even a family animation feature that won screenwriting contests. In every story I find similar underlying themes and motivations.

The themes I enjoy exploring relate to family, friends, teammates, and how they impact a mission/goal. Can a team come together to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and achieve their goal? Be that a family of dogs or a task force of elite Police Officers, it’s the same emotion that underpins it.

I try to write every day, but with two young sons and a day job, time is my greatest adversary.


Hired to write an independent feature titled "American Saint"

Writer/Director - Short Animated Film - "In Their Eyes"

Writer/Director - Short Film - "Going Viral"

Writer/Director - Short Film - "The Last One"

Writer/Director - Short Film - "Overlap"

Associate Producer - Short Film - "Venus"

Animation, Film, Television