Alex Scarrow

Alex Scarrow is author of the bestselling TIMERIDERS series of teen novels, and a number of adult thrillers including the bestselling LAST LIGHT.

He is an ex-games designer and has served on a Bafta panel judging game design.


East Anglia

Julian Friedmann at BlakeFriedmann Literary Agency.



Timeriders books 1-9 (2010-15, Puffin)

Remade (2015, MacMillan)

ReBorn (2016, MacMillan)

PlagueLand (2017, MacMillan)

Dr Who 12 Doctors Anthology (2015, Penguin)

A Thousand Suns (2006, Orion)

Last Light (2007, Orion)

October Skies (2008, Orion)

AfterLight (2009, Orion)

The Candleman (2010, Orion)


PlayCraft (BBC, 2018)

Books, Film, Television