Simon Henry

Designer and maker of high end couture for international and celebrity clients world wide.  After many magazine articles, and having three books published internationally by the guild of master craftsmen on the subject,   Simon decided to try his hand at a screenplay. His first film script is now in the hands of his agent;  Finding Maggie.  Based on a true story,  after the death of his twin sister, Richard takes up the search for his birth family. This is the story of the shocking truths he uncovers during that search.

Simon now has a ‘cringilisious’ adult sit com in developement. A gay man re-enters the dating world after his husband of twenty years left him for a much younger man.  He enlists the help of a new neighbour who magically appears in his life at just the right time.

Simon has now finished his first stage play, 'The Other Side Of The Curtain'  The audience think they're seeing a 1930's murder mystery , but when the actress playing the clairvoyant really gets possessed by the spirits of the theatre, they get much more than they bargained for!

East Midlands

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The little black dress, Guild of Master Craftsmen

The party dress, Guild of Master Craftsmen

The little best dress, Guild of Master Craftsmen

Numerous magazine articles on fashion, design, dressmaking, knitting and crochet.  Regular contributor and designer for machine knitting news.


Books, Comedy, Film, Television, Theatre