Martin Evans

My name Martin Evans I write as M J Evans. After spinal surgery in 2010 I turned to writing as I could no longer do manual work. I did a home learning course with I C S, of which I passed and got a Diploma for. I was lucky enough to get a publisher\'s quickly and have three books under my belt so far. I would also like to write short stories for Magazines to help get my name out there, any help on this matter, I would appreciate, also any help with getting an Agent as I am struggling trying to get one.

One thing I would really love to do one day is to be a TV presenter going from place to place talking about where famous writers, past and present, came from. Also, I would really love to teach creative writing in a college or university.

Now, I am looking for another publisher who would be interested in publishing my work. Also, I am looking for paid work within the writing field so that I can have a regular income. Any help with this would be really appreciated.

I went to Leeds University on Tueday 26th September 2017 for an event for TV writers. It made me realize that I would really love to be a TV writer. If there is anyone out there who could help me get started then I would be really grateful.

Manchester and Lancashire

The Corpse That Danced, To Dig Up A Murder and The Ghost Of Bowness.