Alistair Audsley

A former consultant, Alistair began serious screenwriting in 2009 with his first short film, “A Night At Robert McAlister’s” which gained encouraging critical response and awards on the international film festival circuit.

During 2011 Alistair was in Benghazi, Libya during the revolution to overthrow Mouamar Gaddafi resulting in the documentary “Stronger Than Bullets” (Dir. Matt Millan). Tracing the struggle of Libyan musicians during and after the revolution it was acquired by Al Jazeera for broadcast in October 2016. Critically acclaimed, the film has also enjoyed an exceptional festival circuit, winning 'Best Documentary' at Woodstock (2016) as well as the Santa Fe Press Award (2016). The film is also an official selection at the 41st Cleveland Film Festival and is being distributed by Evolutionary Films.

Alistair then wrote and produced the feature film “The Paddy Lincoln Gang”, a noir set in the Los Angeles music world. This achieved ‘Best of Festival’ at the prestigious SoCal Film Festival in 2012 as well as a Platinum Award at the Oregon Film Awards in 2013. It subsequently achieved international VoD distribution.

During 2013-14, he co-wrote and produced the acclaimed documentary “The Watchmaker’s Apprentice” (Dir. David Armstrong). This touching film enjoyed acclaim from BBC critic, Mark Kermode and a successful release on Netflix.

During 2014, he wrote motorsport documentary, “The Green Hell” (Dir. Hannes Schalle) for Austrian production company, Moonlake Entertainment’s  which has enjoyed wide cinema release in seven European countries through Odeon cinemas.

Returning to drama in 2015, Alistair wrote a short 22mins film about the notorious film maker, Leni Reifenstahl. Starring Hildegard Neil, "Leni. Leni." (Dir. Adrian Vitoria) as a proof-of-concept for a feature. Completed in 2016, the film has subsequently screened at Cannes (Short Film Corner), Moscow and is an official selection for the LA International Women's Film Festival 2017.

Alistair is currently developing a feature screenplay "The Fast Men" with executive producer John D. Schofield, based on the best-selling novel by Tom McNab. He is also writing and producing an untitled feature documentary about the history of film publicity (Dir. Matthew Beecroft)


Alistair is a former 100/200m sprinter of some repute having won the World Island Games titles in 1995 and 1997. He qualified for two Commonwealth Games (94/98).

Alistair's seminar appearances include Raindance (2016), Isle of Man Film Festival (2016) as well as guest lectures at Loughborough University.

East Anglia

Produced feature films:

"The Paddy Lincoln Gang" (2014)

Produced feature documentaries:

"The Watchmaker's Apprentice" (2013)

"Stronger Than Bullets" (2015)

"The Green Hell" (2015)

Produced short films:

"A Night At Robert McAlister's" (2009)

"Leni. Leni." (2016)


Film, Television