Tim John

After British television success as one of the original writers for "The Max Headroom Show", and a spell writing for HandMade Films, Tim pursued a seven-year career in Hollywood, writing feature screenplays for nearly all the major studios, together with Network and Cable television. As well as working on his original material, he has also worked with stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Murray. Tim returned to live in England a few years ago, where he continues to write for both sides of the Atlantic, generally working in Comedy, although his material is taking on an increasingly dark tone. He blames his mother. His film adaptation of the best-selling A STREET CAT NAMED BOB commenced production in October 2015.

ADVENTURES IN LALA LAND, Tim's warts-and-all book about his family's seven years in Hollywood was published on Amazon in 2014.

South West (Wessex)

Conrad Williams at Blake Friedmann Agency, London

A Street Cat Named Bob

The Man Who Knew Too Little (uncredited rewrite)

Dennis & Gnasher (two episodes)

The Max Headroom Show (original TV series)

The Magnificent Seven (US TV series)

Jack London's "Call of the Wild" (Canadian TV)

Adventures in La-la Land (recent memoir about my 7 years in Hollywood)



Animation, Books, Childrens writing, Comedy, Film, Television