Sarah Horwell

Writer/Filmmaker/Actor  - IMDb credited.  Experience in advising, setting up and leading teams. Former career in education.  Published/produced Writer/Filmmaker.  Comedy TV Series 'Lola & Cash' long listed for WriterSlam 2015.  Looking for representation, production companies, publishers and investors interested in my family fantasy adventure franchise (TV live action/animation series based on my children's picture book series).  See website link for further information about me.  Drop me a line about your project to get in touch. Paid/credited work only.  Super creative and experienced in writing for animation, children's, education, comedy, drama, fantasy, factual entertainment, biopics and sci-fi.  I do development work, script consulting and screenwriting, remote or in-house.  Strong in Comedy and Drama, I'm just a 40-minute commute into central London.

South East

Animation, Books, Childrens writing, Comedy, Film, Online writing, Television, Theatre