Harry Otto Brünjes

A British film director, screenwriter and producer. Harry founded Deckchair Productions whilst at UCL, producing to date over 500 films commercially with major brands and talent worldwide, from Florence and the Machine to The Daily Mail.

After graduating Harry worked at the Vatican Museums whilst writing a play about Michelangelo, which became the setting for the feature film 'La Bella Figura' made at 23 years old.

Deckchair also supports the work of a team of award-winning directors including James Edenborough, Fernando Ruiz, Ed Scott-Clarke and Mark Gill, BAFTA and OSCAR nominated for his film 'The Voorman Problem' with Tom Hollander and Martin Freeman. Deckchair also associate produced 'Full Time' directed by Mark Gill starring Chris Langham.

In 2015 Harry was appointed global brand ambassador for Parker Pen. He is currently working on a 12-part TV mini-series and dramatic writing projects for Virtual Reality.

London (Greater London)

La Bella Figura. Feature Film. Deckchair Productions. 2006