Michael Brand

I am a writer first and foremost, with a wandering fancy into filmmaking on the odd occasion.  I have been writing for over 20 years, having been published across many different fields. As many a storyteller and dreamer will appreciate, I, like so many of my peers, have spent my life traversing from one career plain to another, never quite settling. Now, thankfully, I have happily settled into working as a Postman, which allows me plenty of time to think up new ideas and spend time with my family. Most importantly, it gives me time to write in peace.

My favourite creative areas are screenplays and books, with short stories and short films a close second. I have two books published, have had feature several feature film scripts optioned with some of the largest studios and even have an award winning short film script to my name. I am currently the head of ShoeHorn Productions, based in the Midlands, and I am currently in the process of editing a feature that I solely shot in 2017, which I am seeking to enter into festivals later this year.

After that, I am very excited to be getting back to writing my next book!

West Midlands

Published Literary Works;
• Random Thoughts and Reckless Daydreams (A collection of short stories Vol. 1, published under the pseudonym, Sabre Kazabian), Kindle Publishing, 2016.
• Caley and the Dragon : The Trilogy of Eschalia Part 1, (published under the pseudonym Sabra Kazabian), Kindle Publishing, 2015.

• Alchemize. ShoeHorn Productions Ltd. 2017
• RAGE, Arcabre Films Ltd. 2009
• The Hidden, Arcabre Films Ltd. 2008
• The Hill People, Arcabre Films Ltd. 2007
• SNOW, Arcabre Films Ltd. 2006
• Broken Stone, Arcabre Films Ltd./20th Century Fox, 2005
• Darkly Tripped, Arcabre Films Ltd. 2003
• Fear and Loathing in Manchester, Arcabre Films Ltd. 2001

Short Stories;
• Collected works recorded in “Random Thoughts and Reckless Daydreams”. Works include 17 pieces of various genres, dating from 2001 to 2014.
• Short story, “Cellmate”, published in Innhouse Quarterly Magazine, 2009.

• Alchemize, 2016
• Fear and Loathing in Manchester, 2016
• The Kort Inheritance, Arcabre Productions, 2001
• Hush, Arcabre Productions, 1999, performed at the Arden School of Theatre, Manchester, in January 2000.

Short Film Screenplays;
• Collar, MAP48 Productions, 2016 (Festival Winner; Spirit of MAP 48)
• Cellmate, Arcabre Films Ltd. 2009
• Laura, Arcabre Films Ltd. 2008
• The Inventor, Arcabre Films Ltd, 2005
• Sarah, Arcabre Films Ltd, 2003



FRACK (working title)

A ten-part thriller
by Michael Brand

Brandon put down the game controller. He had ignored the first two. But this one was too loud to ignore. He knew mum was feeling sick. But this didn’t sound right.
Brandon peered into the hall, his gaze slowly travelling up the stairs.
Brandon watched, waiting.
Brandon jumped. Fear shot through him, forcing him to swallow sharply. His throat felt dry and his tongue like rubber in his mouth. In the background, zombies were climbing all over his avatar on the television, violently scratching and slavering over the blood-stained pixels.
Brandon placed a cautious foot on the first step.
Ever so slowly, Brandon made his way up the stairs, gripping on to the bannister, his eyes never leaving the bedroom door ahead of him.
As Brandon reached the top of the stairs, he stopped, unable to remove his hand from the bannister. For the last minute or so, it had been his only friend, and now he would have to go forward alone.
The bedroom door slowly swung open, the familiar creak that Dad still hadn’t fixed in the hinges, echoing the doors movement.
Brandon stood in the doorway, his little body suddenly racked with fear, freezing him instantly to the spot.
The creature that used to be Brandon’s mother slowly looked up, bloodshot eyes deadened, yellow puss encrusted lips, slaverishly wiped by a white pustule covered tongue.
The creature raised Brandon’s father’s head and slammed it down upon the floor one last time.