Paul C R Monk

Author//Video Game Writer//Scriptwriter

My passion for creative writing has taken me through a fascinating range of mediascapes. I have written on scores of projects from indie to big budget AAA video games.

Available for freelance and contract jobs on location or at my office.

East Anglia

The Council - English localisation (video game)

Voyage of Malice - Author (novel)

Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Senior Scriptwriter (video game)

Merchants of Virtue - Author (novel)

Strange Metamorphosis - Author (novel)

Subterranean Peril - Author (novelette)

Some Body - Author (stage-play)

L'Imprévu - Author (stage-play)

The Saga of Ryzom - Writer (video game)

My Hero - Fire fighter - Writer (video game)

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter II - Localisation (video game)

Fort Boyard – videogame (WII) - Writer (video game)

Partouche Poker Tour – Game/method for PC & Nindendo DS - Localisation

Might and Magic – video game (consoles PS, Xbox 360) - Localisation

Red Steel – video game (WII) - Review and editing

La Bien-aimé - Writer & co-director (Animation)