Helen Farrall

Experienced children's writer with credits ranging from RTS and BAFTA award-winning live action series such as CHILDREN'S WARD, JEOPARDY, GRANGE HILL and BYKER GROVE to pre-school animation, including BING, POSTMAN PAT, GO JETTERS and BOB THE BUILDER, THOMAS AND FRIENDS, BIT & BOB and CHIP AND POTATO .

I am balancing my children's writing slate by continuing to write for BBC1's DOCTORS and developing a number of spec script ideas for both children's and mainstream audiences.  I have extensive experience of continuing drama, having storylined and scripted for EMMERDALE, CROSSROADS and DREAM TEAM, as well as writing for BAD GIRLS.

My credits include developing and storylining potential projects for a variety of TV companies.  I also have credits for educational online dramas: creating, storylining and co-writing the multi-award winning SMOKESCREEN, an Alternate Reality Game for Six to Start and Channel 4 Learning, and working on COVER GIRL another Channel 4 Learning game produced by Tuna.

I was delighted to be part of the judging panel for the WGGB Children's TV Writer of the Year award in 2011, 2012 and 2015.

Manchester and Lancashire

2013-date THOMAS AND FRIENDS (HiT ENTERTAINMENT/Channel 5) 5 episodes Series 19, 6 episodes of Series 20.
2007-date    DOCTORS (BBC/BBC1) 8 episodes.
2014-15 BOB THE BUILDER (HiT ENTERTAINMENT/Channel 5) 7 episodes Series 19, 5 episodes Series 20.
2015 POSTMAN PAT SPECIAL DELIVERY SERVICE (Dreamworks/CBeebies) 1 episode
2015 GO JETTERS (CBeebies) 2 episodes
2012-13 BING (ACAMAR FILMS/CBeebies) 10 episodes of BAFTA nominated pre-school animation.
2010 COVER GIRL (Tuna/Channel 4 Learning) Writer on internet educational game for 14-16 year old girls.
2008-2009    SMOKESCREEN (Six to Start/Channel 4 Learning) Creator/storyliner/lead writer on award-winning educational Alternate Reality Game for 14-16 year olds.
2007 WIZBIT (HandE Productions) – developmed series bible and storylines for two potential series.
2007 THE LITTLE PUNJABI PRINCESS (Little Bird) – development script.
2002-2006    BYKER GROVE (Zenith North/BBC1) 12 episodes, Series 14 to 18.
2005 JESS THE BORDER COLLIE (IWC Media/BBC1) 2 episodes.
2003 RICH BITCHES (IWC Media) – developed teen drama bible and storylines for a three series.
2003 BAD GIRLS (Shed/ITV1) 1 episode, Series 6.
2003 JEOPARDY (IWC Media/BBC1) 2 episodes, Series 3.
2002-2003    CROSSROADS II (Carlton/ITV1) 4 episodes.
2001 GRANGE HILL (BBC/BBC1) 2 episodes, Series 25.
2000–2002 CROSSROADS I (Carlton/ITV1) 14 episodes (incl a block of 5) & Storyliner for 10 eps.
1999 CHILDREN’S WARD (Granada/ITV1) 1 episode, Series 12 & Series Storyliner.
1998–1999 DREAM TEAM (Hewland/Sky 1) 15 episodes, Series 2 & 3.
1997-1998    EMMERDALE (Yorkshire/ITV1) Storyliner.

Animation, Books, Childrens writing, Online writing, Television