Georgina Lock

I graduated from Manchester University with a BA in English and Drama, joined a theatre company as an actor and began writing songs and scripts.  I acted and directed for a number of theatre companies, including my own  (Strange Bedfellows) before taking an MA in screenwriting at Northern School of Film and Television, then wrote and directed short films "Short, White Pleated" and the "Pick Up. My aim is to write strong parts for women and the tone tends to dark comedy.

East Anglia

The Handbag Show (dir. Cindy Oswin, self performed solo show premiered at Edinburgh Festival, 1984).

Doctors and Nurses 1 and 2 (Oval House Theatre, 1987-9)

Pressing Engagement (dir. John Weinbrenn, Look North 1991)

Heroines ( dir. Richard Shannon, LBC Radio, 1993)

The Unicyclist (dir. Mary Soan, In the Picture Productions, 1995)

Short White Pleated (dir. Georgina Lock, Handstand Films, 2002.)

The Pick Up ( dir. Georgina Lock, Handstand Films, 2006)

Daddy's Bed (Nottingham Triliteral Festival, 2010)

Film, Radio, Short story, Theatre