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Ambitious, Dean M Drinkel is a published author, editor, award winning script-writer and film director as well as being Associate Editor of FEAR Magazine – he has also contributed several non-fiction pieces to various publications. He has over thirty credits to his name in the field of genre writing (including short stories, collections, novellas, anthologies); has written and directed fifteen theatrical plays in London and the South East of England and during the years 2002 – 2008, he wrote and directed several short experimental films. In 2016 Dean moved to Cannes, France to write a script with Romain Collier which was to become entitled “The Tragedy Of The Duke of Reichstadt”. This went on to win two screenplay awards (Best Historical Drama / Best Independent Spirit) at the Monaco International Film Festival. In 2017 Dean directed the short film “15” for Midas Light Films (currently doing the festival circuit and will be screening at the Solaris Festival in Nice in June 2018) and in 2018 will direct (also for MLF) “Echoes of Mine” based on his own script. Dean and Romain currently have the film rights to Stephen King’s short story “Willa” which they will be filming early 2019 in the South of France – Dean will be following this with “The Lake” – an historical short film about the Empress Eugenie and a young piano-tuner to be shot in Chislehurst, Kent at their former home – Camden Place. Dean has won five awards (thus far) for his script-writing and was runner-up for the 2001 Sir Peter Ustinov Screenwriting Award (International Emmys) – for his script “Ghosts”.


“Dean M Drinkel is the first to admit his affection for Clive Barker’s work. He’s not shy about the influence that Barker has had. He doesn’t hide from it. Indeed, like with Barbie Wilde or Paul Kane’s fiction, the undeniable influence that encompasses the stories feels like an extension on a quietly whispered mythos. And for that alone it sends shivers down any Barker fan’s spine. For his contribution to the anthology [DARKER BATTLEFIELDS] Drinkel offers up a tale of remorse, regret, loss and passionate loyalty within the murky waters of a manically fragmented story. However, amongst this chaotic mayhem there’s a very human element rising up out of the blood-drenched trough of hurt and pain. Somewhat akin to Barker’s later work, Drinkel’s tale embraces homosexuality in an entirely open and unashamed way. Indeed, some may find such an explicit show of male-on-male sexuality quite uncomfortable, however the physical and emotional connection brought out through the sexual acts depicted is integral to the tale as a whole, and far from a mere splash of provocative titillation. It paves the way between the fragmented islands, underpinning the motivations and connecting the dots of the meandering plot. Of course, this is a Drinkel tale so you need to expect darkness vividly painted with an air of almost poetic grace. There’s a murk to every angle. A sinister tone that coats every sentence and every turn in the tale. But there always seems to be a purpose to it all. Something that’s always hinted at. A wisp of a suggestion added to everything that takes place. And running underneath all of that a distorted, quietly-corrupted religious element to it all. The title alone prods the reader towards such associations: “Descensus Christi Ad Inferos” roughly translated as “Christ’s descent into Hell”. And as you’d expect, the story is littered with connotations suggesting many such links, should you wish to dig deeper. The story is textbook Drinkel. If you’ve come across Drinkel’s work before, if you’ve already delved into his ferociously dark and deviant mind - somewhere where demons and angels seem to blur - then you’ll know exactly what to expect here. This is how Drinkel writes. This is his love affair with Barker’s vision of a tangible, far more seductive and intrinsically human Hell. It’s got it all in there. And holy fuck does it drag you into a dark and endlessly chilling embrace.” – Chris Hall, DLS Reviews


South East

Stories (including:)

1998                Noctambulation iv                  MOSTLYPOETRY                Saying It Louder

2001                The Machinator                       Millivres Press             The Next Wave

2008                Why Do I Keep Counting      Literal Translations                 Issue 11

2009                Lucifer’s Crown                      Literal Translations                 Issue 12

2009                A Rump’s Tail                         Literal Translations                 Issue 13

2009                The Black Death                     Literal Translations                 Issue 14

2009                The Fields Of Melancholy      Literal Translations                 Issue 15

2010                Y Is For YHWH                     John Prescott Publishing         M Is For Monster

2010                Monster Love                          Literal Translations                 Issue 18

2011                The Red Mercury                    Morpheus Tales                       Issue 11

2011                Zeusophobia                            Dark Continents Publishing    Phobophobia

2012                The Liturgy Of The Hours      Static Movement                     MonkPunk

2012                Same Kind As Bad as Me      Western Legends Publishing  Unnatural Tales

2013                Le Noir                                    Static Movement                     Cities Of Death

2013                X Is For Xezbeth                    Western Legends Publishing  Demonologia Biblica

2013                Der Engel Der Liebe               Crystal Lake Publishing          Fear The Reaper

2013                Q Is For Qareen                      Western Legends Publishing  Bestiarum Vocabulum

2014                H Is For Hadephobia              Western Legends Publishing  Phobophobias

2017                The Pale Emperor                    TK Publishing                         Gruesome Grotesques

2017                Mothers Of The Disappeared TK Publishing                         Gruesome Grotesques 2

2018                TdM                                        TK Publishing                         Gruesome Grotesques 3



2015                The Curse Of The Vampire     Hersham Horror Books

2016                Darker Battlefields                 The Exaggerated Press



1996                The Burial                               Minerva

2015                Within A Forest Dark (revised)  Lycopolis Press



2011                Phobophobia                           Dark Continents Publishing    Compiler / Editor

2013                The Demonologica Biblica      Western Legends Publishing  Compiler / Editor

2013                Cities Of Death                       Static Movement                     Compiler / Editor

2013                The Bestiarum Vocabulum     Western Legends Publishing  Compiler / Editor

2014                Phobophobias                          Western Legends Publishing  Compiler / Editor

2014                Kneeling In The Silver Light  The Alchemy Press                 Compiler / Editor

2015                The Grimorium Verum            Western Legends Publishing  Compiler / Editor

2015                Tales Of The Titanic               Lycopolis Press                       Compiler / Editor

2015                Demonology                           Lycopolis Press                       Compiler / Editor

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2016                Chromatics                              Lycopolis Press                       Compiler / Editor

2016                The Thirteen Signs                  Nocturnicorn Press                  Compiler / Editor

2016                The Junk Merchants                Nocturnicorn Press                  Compiler / Editor

2017                Twelve Dark Days                  Nocturnicorn Press                  Compiler / Editor



2012                In The Name Of The Son       Filament Press             Co-writer



2014                “The Magus”                           Book Review              ‘Ginger Nuts Of Horror’ Website

2015                “Lisey’s Story”                       Book Review              ‘King For A Year’ Blog

2016                “Meet The Writer”                  Personal Review         ‘WGGB’ Website

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2018                “The Iron Rose” /

“Shiver Of The Vampire”       Film Reviews              WBD Unsung Horrors V2



1993                The Cage                                 Short Film                               Director / Writer

2002                The Monster                            Short Film                               Director / Writer

2003                The Army Of The Seven         Short Film                               Director / Writer

2003                The Lazar House                     Short Film                               Director / Writer

2003                The Chase                               Short Film                               Director / Writer

2004                Al-Baqarah                              Short Film                               Director / Writer

2004                The Coenobite                         Short Film                               Director / Writer

2005                The Imp Of The Perverse        Short Film                               Director / Writer

2005                Sete (Thirst)                            Short Film                               Director / Writer

2005                Bitten                                      Short Film                               Director / Writer

2006                Midnight Wired                      Short Film                               Director

2007                The Crumps                             Short Film                               Director / Writer

2008                Ruby                                       Short Film                               Director / Writer

2017                15                                            Short Film                               Director

2018                Echoes Of Mine                      Short Film       (TBC)              Director / Writer

2018                Judged                                                Short Film       (TBC)              Director

2019                Willa                                        Short Film       (TBC)              Director / Co-writer

2018                The Lake                                 Short Film       (TBC)              Director / Writer

2019                Chocolate Potato                    Feature                        (TBC)              Director



2002                The Monster In Me                  Hazlitt Theatre (Maidstone)     Writer

2004                Lucifer’s Crown                      Cockpit Theatre (London)       Writer / Director

2004                Zero                                         Cockpit Theatre (London)       Writer / Director

2004                A Rump’s Tail                         Cockpit Theatre (London)       Writer / Director

2005                Ruby                                        Cockpit Theatre (London)       Writer / Director

2005                The Catskills: The Clean Hands           Little Brook Theatre (Chatham)     Writer / Director

2005                Clive Barker’s Frankenstein In Love      Barons Court Theatre (London)  Director

2006                The Catskills: Angles With Dirty Faces   Cockpit Theatre (London)       Writer / Director

2006                The Catskills: Episodes 1 – 3   White Bear Theatre (London)  Writer / Director

2006                The Crumps                             Little Brook Theatre (Chatham)           Writer / Director

2006                Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show           Little Brook Theatre (Chatham)           Writer / Director

2006                Frankenstein in Love               Rehearsed Reading, Performed at Fantasycon

2007                The Crumps                             White Bear Theatre (London)  Writer / Director

2007                The Catskills: Long Arm Of The Law   Cockpit Theatre (London)       Writer / Director

2007                The Catskills v The Crumps     Pleasance Theatre (London)    Writer / Director



2001                Ghosts                         Sir Peter Ustinov Screen. Award /

International Emmys   Runner Up

2012                Bright Yellow Gun     Monaco Int. Film Festival       Best Thriller Screenplay

2013                Splinter                        Monaco Int. Film Festival       Best Action Screenplay

2014                Stella Maris                 Monaco Int. Film Festival       Best Action Screenplay

2016                Tragedy of Reichstadt            Monaco Int. Film Festival       Best Historical Drama &

Best Independent Spirit



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