Rosemary A Johns

Rosemary A Johns is a writer of dark fiction.

Under the name R. A. Johns, her dark fiction short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies, e-books and audiobooks, including those published by Thirteen O’clock Press, Silent Fray and Horrified Press. This year she was invited to contribute to Beyond the Thirteenth Chime, a short story collection with Nick Cuti. She received Honorable Mention status for the 3rd quarter of the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest 2014.

Her short film “The Revolution” is currently in production.

Her work in theatre includes the psychological play Random 12 (Mithras Theatre Company) and Waiting (Burton Taylor Theatre). Breaking Ice was selected for the OUDS New Writing Festival (shortlisted by the Royal Court Theatre and Head of the New Writing Initiative at the BBC).

She works collaboratively with other writers and is open to new projects.

She lives in Oxfordshire, where she runs a writers’ group and the Oxfordshire branch of Feed My Reads (@FMROxfordshire).

She has a BA and MSt from Oxford University.

She’s passionate about dark fiction, currently working on a novel.

Rosemary's most recent writing credits include: I am Woman - I am Man, Toybox, Beyond the Thirteenth Chime, War, Tales from the Blue Gonk Café (in audiobook as well), Changes and One Hell of a Christmas (Thirteen O'clock Press), Undercurrents of Fear (Silent Fray) and Dark Fairy Tales Revisited: Volume II (Horrified Press).

Books,Film,Short story,Theatre