Simon Warne

Award-winning writer Simon Warne developed his skills at the Finborough Theatre and later at RADA.
Plays include: Mind the Gap, Double Effect (Finborough), Truth Talks (Southwark Playhouse), Original Spin (New End, Hampstead and Criterion) Wishful Thinking (winner of the London Writers’ Competition 2000) Damaged Good (Etcetera) No Going Back (Tabard) One Night Stand (Hen and Chickens) Out of Office and Out of Office: Behind the Scenes (The Bridewell) Must Have Been The Shirt (April Showers One-Act Play Festival, The Horse) Bed (One-Act Play Festival, Egg Theatre, Bath) and Office Xmas Party (St James Studio).
Musicals include: You’re the Top! A Musical Tribute to Cole Porter, The Two Hermiones (Electric Theatre, Guildford) Rasputin (Greenwich) What You Will (Hampton Hill Playhouse) Stratford Street (Academy for New Musical Theatre workshop, Los Angeles, and Kings Head, London) The ToyBoy Diaries (Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester) and Claus the Musical (The Lowry, Salford).
Radio: Arrested Development (Comedy Series: Radio Four) Temperatures Rising (Afternoon Play: Radio Four).
Television: Doctors (BBC) Two original series currently in development.
TAPS Comedy Writer of the Year 2001 for Arrested Development.
Film: Imogen My Mind (short, co-written with Edward Reeve)  Currently developing two feature films.

South West (Cornwall & Devon)


Long-running Drama Series BBC Television

Series XII Script editor Lyn Washbrook
Episode: `An Unexpected Arrival’ Producer: Phil Hunter
Featuring: Elisabeth Dermot Walsh,  Jo Stone-Fewings, Polly Maberly and Emily Head

Series XI Script editor Lyn Washbrook
Episode: `Dolly Mixtures’ Producer: Fiona Pandelus
Featuring: Selina Chilton, Deddie Davies, Helen Cotterill and Katharine Rogers

Series IX Script editor: Lyn Washbrook
Episode: `Managing Expectations’ Producer: Jonathan Phillips
Featuring: Stephen Boxer, Harvey Virdi,  Sakuntala Ramanee and Medhavi Patel

Series VIII Script editor: Lyn Humphreys
Episode: `In the Driving Seat’ Producer: Erika Hossington
Featuring: Adrian Lewis Morgan, Jimmy Akingbola and David Webber

Series VII, Episode: `Relative Stress’ Script editor: Lyn Humphreys
Producer: Carol Harding
Featuring: Corrine Wicks, Amanda Walker,  Jacqueline King and Kit Jackson

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Director: Gareth Carrivick
Performed at TAPS Festival 2001 Featuring: Tracy-Ann Oberman, Emma Kennedy, Dave Lamb, Jonathan Kydd,  Roger Blake and Joan Blackham


TEMPERATURES RISING Producer: Peter Kavanagh
45 min afternoon play, BBC Radio 4 Prod Co: BBC Radio Drama
Featuring: Susan Tully, Marcia Warren, Stephen Beresford, Ben Crowe, Liza Sadovy

4 x 30min comedy series Prod Co: BBC Radio Entertainment, Radio 4     Featuring: Letitia Dean, Susannah Doyle, Phil Cornwell, Julian Rhind Tutt,  Maggie MaCarthy


IMOGEN MY MIND (Co-written with Ed Reeve)
20 min Director: Samuel Dore
Featuring: Kelly Godfrey, Hamilton Lee, Kieran Moriarty, Morag Sims


CLAUS THE MUSICAL  Music and Lyrics: Andy Collyer      Director: Kate Golledge    Cast: Harry Winchester, Georgie Buckland, Nic Cain, Jazz Evans, Junior Delius, Chris Draper, Emily George, Michael Kholwadia, Jessica Lim, Mari McGinlay, Simon Oskarsson, Corrine Priest, Emily Tang, Alwyne Taylor.  The Lowry, Salford.

THE TOY BOY DIARIES  Music and Lyrics: Andy Collyer             Director: Tania Azevedo    Cast: Johanne Murdock, Nicola Blackman, Matt Beveridge, Sharif Afifi, Alistair Higgins   Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester

BED Director: Cecily Boys
Egg Theatre, Bath: One-Act Play Festival

MUST HAVE BEEN THE SHIRT Director: Matthew Stevens Parker
Featuring: Charlie Hanson, Steve Wickenden
The Horse, Waterloo
Winner First Draft’s April Showers Short Play Festival

OUT OF OFFICE: BEHIND THE SCENES Director: Aileen Gonsalves
Featuring: Sophie Rickman, Nicci Holtby, Jack Lewis and Ed Hulme
The Bridewell Theatre

OUT OF OFFICE Director: Aileen Gonsalves
Sophie Rickman, Nicci Holtby, Caroline Colomei, Francis Ortega
The Bridewell Theatre

ONE NIGHT STAND Director: Aileen Gonsalves
Stephen Rahman Hughes, Susan Bracken, Mike Bernardin
Hen & Chickens, London

NO GOING BACK Director: Rachel Parish
Jack Beale, Rosanna Mason
Tabard Theatre, London

DAMAGED GOOD Directors: Kelly Wilkinson & Mark Wilson
Featuring: Hilary Hamilton & Justin Deaville
Etcetera Theatre, London

THE TWO HERMIONES Director: Ramsay Gilderdale
Musical Revue Featuring: Sarah Shelton & Jane Gelardi
Electric Theatre, Guildford

WISHFUL THINKING Director: Nigel Gregory
Featuring: Robert Irons, Frances Burnett
Putney Arts Centre
Winner of the London Writers’ Competition 2000

ORIGINAL SPIN Director: Sarah Shelton
Featuring: Charlie Buckland, Caroline Lawrie
New End Theatre
Gala Night at the Criterion Theatre 2000

TRUTH TALKS Director: Tristan Brolly
Featuring: Tamara Ustinov, Hilary Hamilton, Richard Ansell,
Southwark Playhouse
Winner: Theatre Invest. Fund Acorn Scheme Award

DOUBLE EFFECT Director: Tristan Brolly
Featuring: Beryl King, John Cunningham, Sarah Lonton
Finborough Theatre

MIND THE GAP Director: Tristan Brolly
Featuring: Mark Lawrence
Finborough Theatre

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