Luke Openshaw

"Producer, cosmic dancer, analyst, world builder, rat catcher - not all are fictional, one is an outright porky, but each reflects this Writer's work in video games, motion pictures and QA testing."

As an experienced Writer and Narrative Designer I collaborate with teams, whatever their size and vision, on video games, motion pictures, QA testing and the grey areas in between. Collaboration, sharing wisdom, open-minded discussion, mentoring and equality are important to me.

Whether at present or in future, if you need a writer or to tap into my experience for your project, or if you simply have questions or want to network, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Written Content/Experience Includes (to varying degrees):

  • Dialogue, action text, environment signposting, asset naming conventions.

  • Editing, proofing, polishing and enhancing flow/pace of game-text/dialogue.

  • UK/US English localisation, UAT QA testing.

  • Worked with international teams and individuals covering French, German, Ukrainian, US, Swedish and British.

  • Cases, quests, missions, core narrative, flow, storytelling.

  • Linear/branching/procedural, stand-alone and episodic structure.

  • Abstraction, high-concepts, pitches, synopses, treatments, outlines, scripts.

  • Project/world bibles, histories, cultures, languages, species, character profiling.

  • Developing interactive software and gameplay, producing and authoring literary and marketing material.

London (Greater London)

Operating freelance, currently seeking representation.

Provided Written Content for (to varying degrees):

·         The Curious Expedition’ (2016) by Maschinen Mensch, 19th century exploration.

·         Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter’ (2016) by Frogwares/Big Ben, crime/detective/thriller.

·         Fracture’ (2014-TBA), interactive science-fiction/fantasy TV show.

·         Money Kills’ (2012), retro style 80’s action movie.

·         The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena’ (2009) by Starbreeze/Atari, science-fiction/action/fantasy.

·         Syndicate’ video game (2012) by Starbreeze/EA, science-fiction/cyberpunk.

Books,Film,Short story,Television,Theatre,Videogames

8 TV hours, but much more video game/film writing hours

Some excerpts available on my portfolio website,, and other samples available if you play/view the titles in my credits.