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New free training for WGGB members

William Gallagher reading Final Draft bookFollowing the decision by the Government in 2021 to pull the funding on Union Learn, which previously supported free FEU Training for our members in England, WGGB has launched a free pilot training programme of its own tailored for writers.

The series kicked off with a free workshop on Thursday 15 July 2021, run by outgoing WGGB Deputy Co-Chair William Gallagher (left), Unleash the potential of your technology.

Each workshop will be tailored for members only and limited to 20 places. If you are not a WGGB member and want to join you can do so online.

The FEU’s training programme proved a lifeline for many members during lockdown, especially for those who had lost out on work and felt isolated from their peers. It equipped them with new skills and kept them in touch with other creatives.

William Gallagher said: “I’m proud to be part of the Writers’ Guild, stepping in to replace the old FEU and bring writers the training we otherwise never get. This is a series of training workshops about what writers need and delivered by writers who are using these skills right now. I get to be the first, but we have a whole series planned where each one is aimed at finding just what will help you the most in your writing career, your writing practice.”

WGGB free training schedule – past and upcoming

How to build new revenue streams for your writing, 25 November 2021 with tutor Karen Kay

Storylining for television, a two-part workshop (14 and 21 October 2021) led by Kim Millar

Finance for freelances in uncertain times, 30 September 2021 led by David Thomas

Create a podcast, 9 September 2021, led by Dan Mason

Unleash the potential of your technology, 15 July 2021, led by William Gallagher