Global Day for Climate Justice flyer

Join Film Strike for Climate at COP26

It is a dark time for the climate and ecological movement. Industrialised nations have still not begun the drastic transformation needed to avoid climate and ecological catastrophe and only last year United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres warned: “We are currently way off track to meeting either 1.5C or 2C targets that the Paris Agreement calls for.”

Film Strike for Climate is a grassroots movement of film-makers who share the purpose of mobilising the unique resources and talents of the film and TV industry in service of the climate movement and creating a liveable planet for future generations.

They are inviting those who work in the film and television industry to create an internationalist display of honesty and solidarity to their industry, world leaders and the rest of the globe during COP26, the upcoming annual UN climate change conference in Glasgow (2-12 November 2021).

On Saturday 6 November 2021 there will be a Global Day of Action for Climate Justice.

WGGB declared a climate emergency in 2019 and supports Film Strike for Climate and is urging our members to get involved. Here’s how!

  • Join a COP26 march or other local activity in your area. Check this searchable map to find out where your local COP26 hub is and what is going on in your area.
  • If there is no COP26 activity in your area, connect with Film Strike for Climate who can support you with advice, local groups and resources (such as banner art and producing tailored social media flyers), to help you organise your own march or activity, wherever you are. Email: with the subject title ‘COP26 Film Strike for Climate’ and the name of your nearest city.
  • Help make a loud noise on social media on Saturday 6 November with photos or videos of your march. Tag @Strike_Film on Twitter and @fimstrikeforclimate on Instagram and use the hashtag #FilmStrikeForClimate so they can share. Please also tag @TheWritersGuild on Twitter so we can do our bit!
  • Even if you can’t attend a march, still help make a noise by showing your support on social media using the above tags/hashtags.
  • Film Strike for Climate will be creating an impactful short film to share after the marches. Upload a video of your march to social media and tag Film Strike for Climate answering the following questions: Why do you care, why are you acting, what are the barriers you face for creating change in your role? If you aren’t able to attend a march, please do show your solidarity from home by recording and posting a short video. Please tag @TheWritersGuild on Twitter too so we can share.
  • If you can’t make Saturday 6 November join a Fridays for Future march on 5 November 2021. Find out more.
  • Sign up to receive updates and news from Film Strike for Climate or donate to support their important work. Visit their website.
  • To find and RSVP to join a trade union bloc on a demonstration, please visit this interactive map.
  • As part of the climate emergency we declared in 2019 we pledged to put the climate crisis at the “heart of all we do”. You can find out what WGGB as an organisation has been doing to reduce emissions to zero by 2025 here.
  • If you are a WGGB member who would like to get involved in our work in this area please email